Finding a Stable Job as a Freelance Grant Writer: Useful Advice

A stable freelance grant writing job can only come from consistent production of high quality work. Your proposal must be compelling and able to attract funding in order to get a similar opportunity in future. This will keep your fees flowing year after year and take away worry about your earnings. How do you make your freelance grant writing consistent?

Know the trade

Grant writing is not like any other trade. The format and presentation of ideas vary from one discipline to the other as well as across the donor organization. Understand this fact and bear it in mind as you begin your writing career. It ensures that you provide standard work that can pass the tests and standards that are required in the market.

Know Your Client

Each client will be different from the previous one. Do not copy and paste the same approach as you had used for the previous client. Do not directly download templates from the internet and use them. Take time to understand what your client want and the specific details he would like to go into his grant proposal. It shows the client that you are genuinely interested in his work and not just your freelance writing fees.

Understanding your client requires that you have necessary reports and facts about the field you are writing about. This information must be factual to justify funding. Donor organizations have these facts with them and will therefore identify any falsehood.

Understand the Donors

Each donor organization has specific demands from institutions or individuals seeking their assistance. Take time to learn this requirements or demands. They may be obtained from their websites or reports released on regular basis. Other sources include feedback given after a proposal has been funded or declined. Understand their interests to ensure that you craft the proposal in a way that appeals to their mission.

Make each unique

Donors receive thousands of proposals to fund. To capture their attention, provide a unique proposal. The rush to make as much money as possible as a freelance grant writer may cause you to ignore crucial details. Take time and focus on the long term instead of thinking about the current assignment. Come up with unique ideas, approach and presentation to capture the eye of the funders. Use a title that is catchy and inviting to anyone who comes across your proposal. This will make your proposal memorable among the many applications forwarded. It increases the chances of future funding and proposal opportunities.