10 Helpful Tips On How To Get A Comedy Writing Job

It is not uncommon to have some difficulty while attempting to enter a new career field. If you are in the process of finding a job in comedy writing, continue reading for ten helpful tips to set you in the right direction.

  1. Education
  2. Many individuals go into comedy with the intent of finding a solid job work for their bachelor’s degree in subjects such as English, Communications, or Journalism.

  3. Learn The Basics
  4. Individuals who wish to become comedy writers can attend seminars and classes to develop their skills.

  5. Freelance Work
  6. Whether or not you choose to receive an education, doing freelance work is a great way to gain experience and build a portfolio, all while being able to choose the work you do, as well as the amount of the work you do.

  7. Networking
  8. Like with most careers, it is always a great idea to develop and use a network to connect with new people and discover new work opportunities.

  9. Develop a Portfolio
  10. To present your skills and past work experience to potential clients, it is important to develop a portfolio. The portfolios of comedy composers often include scenes or scripts that are written to serve as a sample of the writer’s work.

  11. Write a “Spec” Script
  12. A “spec” or speculative script is a script that is written for the sole purpose of serving as a sample document for potential clients.

  13. Expand Your Horizons
  14. To determine what kinds of jobs you are most comfortable with and enjoy doing, it is a good idea to take up multiple different kinds of freelance jobs.

  15. Take Risks
  16. Even if you take a job that does not turn out perfectly, it can still serve as a good experience to help you develop your comedy skills.

  17. Study Other Writers’ Work
  18. It is always a great idea to study and learn from the work of more experienced writers. This will help you learn what works and what does not work when developing scripts and other pieces for clients.

  19. Have Patience and Dedication
  20. It is important to have patience and remain dedicated to your work. Remember, a successful career does not develop overnight!

Hopefully, following these tips will help you begin your career in comedy writing. There is no perfect approach; find what works for you and helps you develop your skills to become successful.