5 Secrets For Getting Good Freelance Part-Time Jobs For Writers

When looking for freelance part-time jobs it is important to understand what the job entails. A freelance writing career has many pros and cons—the real question is whether or not it is the right fit for you. If you are good at managing your own time, strengthening your skills, building your business, and marketing yourself you will make a great freelance writer. If you think this is the right position for you please continue reading to find out the five secrets for getting good part-time jobs.

  1. Build Portfolio
  2. When working as a freelance writer it is imperative to have a strong portfolio. Your portfolio speaks for the quality of all of your work and it should be something that will help you in landing jobs. Make sure the writing in your portfolio demonstrates a variety of your skills and abilities with your best work.

  3. Grow Network
  4. Networking is how most freelance positions are secured. For this reason it is important that you maintain strong communications. Keeping in contact with past clients and prospective clients will help you grow your part-time business. Clients will recommend you to their professional contacts, and more doors will open up through networking.

  5. Market Services
  6. Next, in addition to networking, you will also want to market your services in other ways. Some popular and successful methods are using freelance networking sites, employment sites, forums, websites, and other marketing materials.

  7. Take Testimonials
  8. After you complete work for a client be sure to request feedback. If your client gives you permission, you can use this feedback as testimonial on your marketing materials. These success stories will help attract new hirers.

  9. Improve Craft
  10. Finally, when working in writing it is important to always improve your craft. You want to make sure you always edit your work and commit yourself to do the best job possible. Each time you write you will do it with more proficiency and successfulness.

If you think you are good at managing your own time, able to find your own clients, and get work completed individually you will make a great freelancer. With these skills under your belt, also take advantage of our five secrets for getting good freelance part-time jobs for writers. By building your portfolio, growing your network, marketing your services, taking testimonials, and improving your craft you will have plenty of work in no time!