Who Is A Freelance SEO Writer: 8 Tips For Newcomers

As a newbie in any job, you will not know how to handle everything. There are many issues that can be confusing for you and it will take some time to adjust to your new career. Besides, you have to improve constantly your writing and get paid in the process, so the stress is double. The good news is that once you get used to the market, everything will seem a piece of cake. Follow these guidelines for extra help

  1. Establish your niche. Of course, there are many versatile writers who can create articles on any theme as long as they have a keyword. However, they are good at everything and never excellent at something in particular. If you want to be popular fast, decide what you will write about and stick to your decision.
  2. Lower your expectations. Having high expectations can be dangerous in this market. It is so unpredictable that you can have ten clients in one week, and then not get any project for one entire month. Be realistic and don’t get discouraged.
  3. Create a profile. You will need an account on a business website and a professional profile to attract clients. A description of yourself and the services you offer are necessary. Keep it fun, but professional.
  4. Provide a picture. There are many studies that show that freelancers who provide a picture are hired more often than the ones who don’t. This is because you will seem more trustworthy for your customers.
  5. Build a great portfolio. As a beginner, you need to show to your clients samples of your work. Since you don’t really have the experience, you can write a few excellent pieces and use them as examples everytime someone is asking for this.
  6. Don’t run after money. The main reason people get a job is, of course, to gain money. In the freelancing world, however, a significant payment is not always good. The client can be picky, delay the payment or ask additional free services after you finished the initial job.
  7. Go for long term jobs. What you need in order to be successful are a few constant clients. You will gain a good reputation, and you can be sure that you will have projects for the next period.
  8. Be punctual. A client will never hire you again if you do not deliver on time. If something happens and you will be late, let him know as soon as possible. He will appreciate your honesty.