Freelance Writing Jobs: Is It Good To Work As A Writer From Home

What can be worse than not being happy with your job? You should get up early, lose time in traffic jams when trying to get to the office, and be underestimated by your boss who doesn’t pay you a decent salary. What if, in addition, some changes in your life occur, and you cannot stay at your work place all day long? In such a case, freelance writing seems to be an appealing option. Weigh all the pros and cons, and make your mind.

The Pros.

  1. 1. Flexible schedule.
  2. Supposing you are a night owl by nature, then you can have a good sleep in the morning and easily put your writing off till the later hours. You can also travel whenever you want, and be available for your family.

  3. 2. Choice.
  4. As a freelance writer, you choose a client, and a project to write about. At the beginning of your career all the orders in different fields are taken up. Later you become an expert in the spheres, which are interesting for you, and stop taking boring and unpromising tasks. The same is with the clients. You cast aside those, which turned out to be unreliable or not generous enough.

  5. 3. The possibility to earn more money.
  6. The more qualitative work you do, the more money you receive.

  7. 4. Choice of a work place.
  8. Being a freelancer does not mean that you should actually work at home. Your location doesn’t matter as soon as you have your work done. You can work in a train, on a plane, or in a café nearby.

The Cons.

  1. 1. Inconsistent work flow and unsteady income.
  2. Some days you have too much work to do, while other days a period of stagnation occurs. As a result, your income suffers. You should look for new clients to secure more or less consistent income.

  3. 2. Chaotic payment schedule.
  4. To have a constant income, you should be regularly paid. However, it is not always that way. Sometimes you can wait for 2-3 months to receive your well-deserved payment.

  5. 3. Health insurance.
  6. In the regular office jobs you are secured with the health insurance, while you are deprived of it as a freelancer.

  7. 4. Balance between work and home.
  8. Very often you spend your precious work hours for the things you cannot lay aside, like cooking a dinner or reading a book to your child. You don’t have such distractions at a traditional job.