Finding Good Jobs For Aspiring Freelance Writers Easily: An Effective Guide

The life of a professional freelancer can be extremely tempting: a good one can usually set his or her own hours, work from anywhere in the world, go on vacation or take holiday at a moment’s notice, and take on as many or as few projects as one desires. But these perquisites don’t come easy. It takes lots of time and patience, both things that new freelance writers sometimes don’t have. Most importantly it takes building a good repertoire of good jobs that help one land even better jobs in the future. Here’s an effective guide for the aspiring freelance writer who wants to know the secrets to finding good jobs:

Create a Great Profile

No one is going to be able to get a good start in this profession without first creating a solid portfolio that attracts a wide client base. Start by putting in your skills and services. Provide some details about your experience and education and, most importantly, say something about the kinds of jobs you are interested in taking and what makes you the best option.

Develop a Strong Portfolio

Having and maintaining a great portfolio is essential in this line of business, but sometimes it can take a few years to create one that helps you land the highest paying clients. So when you first are getting your start, you should look towards uploading sample pieces you may have done in school or for unpaid projects from before you started doing this kind of work.

Submit Effective Bids

With each job opportunity you’re going to have to submit a bid proposal which provides a prospective client with details about your job experience and skills. Writing winning bids take practice and one of the earliest things you will have to learn is how to write a bid that stands apart from what other people submit. Put in some examples taken from your portfolio and be sure to speak to the client’s needs exactly.

Connect with Other Experts

Lastly, be sure to connect with other experts in the field. You should have identified your talents when you were developing your profile. Now you should try to connect with other experts who specialize in the same areas as you. You may find several opportunities come up by simple word of mouth or you can learn a few tips or tricks that have led to another’s success. Connect with more people to really make an impact.