How To Be The Best In Freelance Article Writing: A Simple Guide

To be the best freelance article writer means you need to study the best. You need to know who you are up against and how you fit in. You need to study the markets you want to break into and know how to keep your writing skills sharp. You need to define what you think makes the best freelance writer and follow through with your intuition. Becoming a successful freelance article writer will take discipline and patience.

But the good news is you can do it when you have a plan in place to help you. Here are some points to think about when determining how you can be the best you can be at freelance article writing.

  • - Write articles on subjects that interest you.
  • This may seem simple enough but it is a good way to break into freelance writing for article content. As you do this you need to review genres and issues you like writing about. Take note of areas you are an expert in. This would be content you could do little research on or you would know where to get credible sources to make your article content stand out.

  • - Know credible sources needed to write quality articles.
  • Your source list is an important tool you will need as a freelancer and something you will refer to often. Make sure you have a wide range of reputable sources you can start with. This may include publications and websites you hope to publish content for.

  • - Brush up on interviewing skills.
  • One important element of good article writing is interviewing skills. There are times you will need a good quote to include in your article. You may need to speak to an expert that knows this subject matter better than you. This will help you understand what questions you need to ask and how to pull information from the interview to write a knock out article.

  • - Get tips from experienced freelance article writers.
  • Talk to freelancers that are doing what you want to do. Connect with those producing content for publications you want to write for. Learn what you need to do and what clients want and how to do it.

  • - Know markets that pay well for articles and how to apply for opportunities.
  • Once you explore your options and get yourself into place, start considering markets you want to write for and publications or writing jobs with good rates.