Is freelance writing legitimate: 5 facts for starters

Freelancing is the act of an individual providing a service needed by another, without being affiliated with any company or organization. It is a profession that can be assumed by anyone possessing the necessary skills. This type of employment is appealing for many reasons, but it can also be a path littered with obstacles. Here are five facts for new freelance writers:

  1. It is not as appealing as it may seem
  2. The idea of working from home may sound attractive to most and the reasons are obvious, for example, you don’t have to get dressed, travel to work or adhere to a strict schedule. However, this also means that you are in charge of ensuring you meet a daily quota of production which requires discipline. You may find yourself setting the same rules that made you leave your last job.

  3. Competition can be fierce
  4. The availability of writers is in no short supply and you will find many on any platform you operate from. You are often required to compete with other applicants for jobs by submitting proposals and outbidding them. This stage has been known to discourage hopeful writers.

  5. It is hard to get started
  6. As a new comer to the field, you must now make a name for yourself. You will encounter many established writers who can afford to pick and choose from the best jobs and leave the rest. It can be quite profitless and painful forging your identity in the world of online employment but this is a must. Your options are limited so at this stage, any and every job will do.

  7. Hard work and a bit of luck
  8. Now that you have gotten a job or two, try to excel at them, do good work and get good reviews. This will help you appear more attractive to prospective employers and may open the door for higher paying jobs. Luck plays a huge part at this stage, if the right person or company sees your potential, you can acquire a long term contract, so be vigilant, work hard and well.

  9. The rewards can be high
  10. If you manage to make it through the difficult beginnings and earn a good name for yourself, the payment versus workload ratio can shift tremendously in your favor. This, plus the freedom of managing your own employment, can very well make freelance writing a dream job.