Freelance Writing Jobs Online: How Much You Can Charge For Your Work

Freelance writing can be tricky, whether you are starting out or have been around for a bit. The online world is fickle, and for freelancers, especially writers, this is a constant issue. If you are just starting out, you probably shouldn’t quit your day job until you have clients and have established a name for yourself in the blogosphere or your own preferred online niche.

So, how do you get to that stage? It helps to have the talent to write, for starters. A clear and concise grasp of the English language is a key first step.

Be A Professional

  • - Know your grammar and punctuation
  • - Be comfortable with different tenses
  • - Know the difference between first, second, and third person

Once you have the skills to ensure you are able to compete amongst other writers of the same caliber, it is time to figure out how you want to charge for your services. Each of these options has pluses and minuses. Fixed rates are never considered a viable option, because you will get stuck working on miserable projects which are very time consuming. You will end up losing money working on projects like these.

Above all, it is important to be realistic from your standpoint as well as that of your potential client.

Be Realistic

  • - Are you willing to meet their deadlines?
  • - Are there rates in line with what is considered an acceptable deadline?
  • - What is the project? Will it entail a significant amount of research, or are you just writing web or blog content?

Knowing your worth is another key factor. If you have the skills of a college-educated individual and a speaker of the native language, it is tough when you see people from other countries undercutting you because they are willing to write more for less. Do not be discouraged. Chances are, the jobs these people are being hired for are far beneath you and the money you would be paid is not only meager, but also not worth the headache that these assignments consist of.

The bottom line is this: Be consistent, be fair, and be honest with yourself. For further information regarding rates, there are many resources to be found online. If you are truly honest with yourself and your capabilities, your clients will see your honesty as well as your worth. A lucrative lifestyle awaits!