How To Become A Well-Paid Freelancer Writer: A Guide For Dummies

  • Earn honest reviews
  • Reviews help in building a strong profile. Ask your clients to rank your work after they see it. This will encourage other people to hire you. If you have good reviews, you will have more chances to charge high

  • Deliver your work on time
  • The most important thing you need as a freelancer is reliability. People and companies do not work with freelancers because there are more chances of fraud and delayed deliveries. You need to deliver your work on the agreed deadline to build credibility.

  • Do not agree to low paid assignments that do not suit you
  • Do not hurry in selecting a job for yourself. You know what you are worth, so do not fall for low paid work. The most common mistake freelancers make is that they accept work on any rate when they are short of jobs. Make sure that the job you select is worth your time and will let you earn more. Sometimes it is okay to agree on low rates if the client wants to have a long-term relation with you and is willing to increase the pay with time and quality

  • Get contracted jobs
  • You do not have to work on a job without a contract or NDA. This is safe for both parties. Get some advance before you start your work so that you have job security. Always prefer relationships to money. If you have a few good, paying clients for the long run you can earn a good amount. You should have the ability to judge between a real client and a fake person. If you provide good service, you will get good response.

  • Charge for hour or word count
  • You should never commit for a job without knowing the exact scope of work. Some tasks require more research than others do. You need to decide an hourly rate or a certain amount per word. This way you will be motivated to write high quality content because you will know what is worth. The client and you both will be happy in the end as both get what they desire.

  • Bid on specialized tasks
  • If you want to earn more, you do not have to bid on more jobs. You need to bid on those jobs that you specialize in. the chances of earning are always higher if you pick specific tasks that require the skills you have.