How To Become A Good Freelance Writer: A Quick Guide

The idea of becoming a freelance writer is becoming more and more appealing. The statistics do not lie; more people are getting involved in the freelance world. But how does one become good as a freelance writer?

  • - Well for starters, they must develop their niche. Having a specific niche in which you focus your writing can help you to weed out clients who are otherwise not interested in your services, or tasks you don’t want to take on. The whole point of freelance work is to have that freedom, that ability to pick and choose. So if you want to focus only on education reform and write about education reform around the world, then that can be your niche. And while you might be flexible (for those times that you need the money or are not working on anything else) and be able to write about different education related topics, your core passion will be education reform. And when a company contacts you with a need for blog content or feature pieces on education reform, you will be ready.

  • - Having a niche can make it easy to get work you love, but being flexible (as aforementioned) is also good. A good writer will be flexible not only with their niche, but with the type of copy they can provide. If you can provide blog pieces, feature articles, and a press release, then you might end up covering all of that for one company rather than only handling one aspect and missing out on the rest. Of course, you do not want to stretch yourself too thin, but you do want to be flexible.

  • - It is important to keep up to date on technology too. While you may write on academic topics, financial topics, health topics, or anything in between, knowing what technology is currently “hot” or “in style” will help you to nab tech-friendly companies. If a company uses a task management program that you are familiar with, you might be selected over an equally qualified freelance writer because they do not have to give you time to learn the task management program. If you are flexible in how you can set up payments, share files, or access photos, you might get more work. Being able to format different articles in a variety of ways will come in handy more often than not.