Where Do You Find Freelance Article Writing Jobs For Magazines?

You need to be clear that magazines and all forms of print media are often presented in two forms today. In fact it is rare for a printed newspaper to not have an online version. So when it comes to a freelance writer looking for employment with a magazine, you need to understand that that same article you write and for which you are paid, could well be a in the printed version or the online version or both.

There are a number of ways to find jobs as a freelance writer creating material for a magazine.

  • Look at the magazines in the one venue.
  • Join a writing agency or agencies.
  • Create material first and offer the same to the appropriate publications.

You may not have access to a newsagency but it can be a one trip visit in which you can look at a wide collection of magazines. The whole point of this is to see the type of articles which appear in the various publications. As a freelance writer you need to think like a business person as much as a writer. Your writing skills are used to create the material but is your business skills which will help you find work.

There are many freelance writing agencies and some of these will offer work on behalf of magazines. A detailed study will tell you that such writing jobs for magazines are not in the majority. This means you will have to look through a lot of listings to find a specific type of job. Alternatively, if the freelance writing agency has the proper tools, you will be able to request job vacancies be sent to you from a very specific genre. If this happens it will certainly save you a lot of time.

Arguably the ideal way for a freelance article writer to find employment with a magazine is to study a particular magazine in detail. If for instance it's about motorsports, then sending them an article on holidays featuring scuba diving will be a waste of time. The way you operate is simple. Go through a magazine and to take notes about the type of article which appears in that magazine. Then consider the writing style of the articles. With that sort of information you are in a position to create an article or articles and offer them to the relevant magazines.

Now admittedly this is a gamble because you are spending time researching and creating the material without a guarantee of employment. But if you write well and if you have done your homework on a specific magazine, you greatly increase your chances of having your work accepted. Many freelancers find that by operating this way, the editor may well say why it is not accepted and what is required for it to be accepted. The beauty of this method is that you're getting specific advice from the person who makes the decision about what will be published and, better still, if you do have one of your articles published you are then in a much better position to approach that magazine with more work.