Searching For Sustainable Part Time Freelance Health Writing Jobs

In the last years more and more professionals choose a freelancing career instead of a regular job. There are, sure enough, many advantages for this. The most important one for many people is the fact that you can manage your own time. You don’t have to wake up in the morning or spend your weekends at work. You are your own boss so no one can tell you what to do. There are also some disadvantages, the biggest one being the fact that this kind of job is not stable. Today you can have twenty clients, and tomorrow you will have none. If you are still decided to get started, here is how to get some good jobs:

  • Choose your freelancing platform. There are many websites that facilitate the communication between the client and the freelancer. Each one of them is suitable for a different niche and it has different terms and conditions. Do some research about each one of them before picking one for your work.
  • Create a good profile. This will be the first thing that will be seen by any potential client, therefore it can’t be anything less than perfect. The description that you provide needs to be fun, friendly, but professional and serious in the same time. Don’t try to seem too smart, or to make jokes that do not belong in this world. Keep it as simple as you can, so future customers don’t have to spend precious minutes trying to understand what you mean.
  • Mention your qualifications. If you want to work in the health niche and you finished a college, you will have higher chances. Also, any course that you took, any related even that you supported needs to be written on your profile. This means that you are already part of the world, not a beginner, and the customers will be more likely to ask you for some samples.
  • Create your portfolio. No matter what kind of job you want to obtain, you will be always required to present a portfolio. This means that you must create some amazing articles, polish and correct them and send them to any client that contacts you. These texts needs to show how versatile you are, so don’t focus on only one topic. Approach different styles, so it will be obvious that you can analyze any subject.