In Search of Freelance Sports Writing Jobs: Useful instructions

If you love sports and you are good with the pen, you may want to look into freelance writing in the field. The beauty of working in this industry is the large amount of team and individual events and the large amounts of sports that exist. You should first narrow down the categories, such as baseball or football that you will feel comfortable covering. You need to be well versed in the field, so pick 3-4 that you can write about comfortably. Once you know what you will be writing about, use these handy tips for finding the work.

  • Build a website-go ahead and build your professional website. You will want to include your contact information, your fees for different jobs, your writing samples, and references. Make sure to use SEO friendly copy. You can also print small flyers and put them up at community centers, sports’ fields, and local attractions.
  • Contact local newspapers-your newspaper will cover events that are local, state, national, and international. With so much to do, there may be extra work that you can help complete. Always contact local newspapers for work.
  • Contact local teams-most teams are seeking coverage. You can do directly to the school, community, or event representatives and see if they might want to use you as a writer. Reach out to see who may possibly need you. If you can get your foot in the door, you may be able to get reoccurring work. That will give you less search time and more writing time.
  • Check online sports’ sites-I subscribe to two online writing sites that feature sports’ activities. I know that there are about a hundred of similar websites online. The two that I use both have an open submission policy for freelance writers. You do have to make sure that the piece is delivered in a timely fashion, because someone else may beat you to the story. Look around and make a list of contact emails, so you are prepared at a moment’s notice to submit.
  • Talk to some coaches-if you know some local coaches or get to know some local coaches, you may have a foot in the door for covering their events. Get to know the athletic directors and coaches in your community or town.

As you seek freelance work in this field, use our handy list of suggestions for help. Using them will enable you to find more jobs in less time.