Becoming A Freelance Travel Writer: A Step-By-Step Guide For Rookies

Being a traveling freelance writer is a dream job for many people. It involves traveling to new exciting places, seeing the most remote corners of the globe and doing your job at the moment when you feel like getting down to it. What’s more, you receive payment for the combination of work and pleasure. Hundreds of people are sure that it’s what they have always wanted to do, so they often neglect peculiarities of this job that should be kept in mind.

Being a freelance writer is not the job that everybody can do. It’s necessary to be a good writer and to have a draw to this sphere of activities. What’s more, it’s necessary to take a range of steps to become a travel writer, and some of them seem to be quite complicated to those who are into becoming a freelance writer from scratch.

So, let’s see how to make your dream come true if you are sure that you want to be a travel writer.

  1. Start as a usual freelancer.
  2. It makes sense to begin as a usual online writer. If you have no writing experience, you can receive excellent training, undertaking small and simple tasks at specialized Internet marketplaces. This work will let you collect a portfolio of your works to show potential employers.

  3. Know your customers.
  4. It’s normal that at the very beginning of their career many freelance writers send irrelevant texts to editors of magazines and online resources dedicated to traveling. Still, you need to have a clear idea of what you are writing about and where the text will fit better. Sometimes publications give no attention to texts sent to them by beginning writers because they simply do not meet the general line of the publication.

  5. Be different.
  6. Travel blogs and articles are so numerous that it’s very hard to determine their authors. Besides that, there are millions of texts devoted to the same topic. If you offer something different in style, you will beat your competitors. Choose writing about places that receive little attention from other authors but are exciting. Write in a lively manner, adding interesting facts that rare people know. You will soon notice that it’s amazing and natural to dive that deep in your subject.

  7. Stop working for free and choose the right editors.
  8. It’s very important for a writer to know their value, whatever the customer is, and to follow up with the editors who are really interested in their texts.