Looking For Good Freelance Writing Jobs: Helpful Directions

A freelance writer has to work hard in getting the right assignment. Once you have landed a good deal the rest of the job becomes a lot easier. All you have to do is find the right job to do and then beat other writers to it. It is a very competitive field with lots of people eyeing the same job listing. So in the beginning most writers tend to accept whatever deals that may come their way.

Not all the freelance jobs available are good. Some are plain boring work that will leave you frustrated as a writer. If you are passionate about writing you will want to work in project with more creative freedom. There are different clients who are looking for writes with a creative flair. Your main job will be to find one of them and start working for them.

Here are some tips that will help you in your search for a good freelance job:

  • Search for good quality assignments on the various job portals. You can do a little research before bidding for a deal. Try to find out more about the background of the company and whether it is reputable or not. A work experience with a prominent firm will get you recognition and better chances to land good jobs.

  • Try to make an impressive portfolio. By working with reputable firms you will gain experience. But you will also have to keep details of your work. Especially the ones that get published. Add them to your portfolio to impress your clients. This way you will be able to secure well paying and better jobs. Many reputable firms will also ask for your work that got published online or offline. Hand over the portfolio to get hired.

  • Once you have started working through various freelance job portals try to get some leads. By following up these leads you will be able to land new opportunities and also better paying jobs. Chasing leads is not easy and most often they may result in nothing but with insistence you will be able to get a good freelance job.

  • Contact various websites, local newspaper and media houses to know if they have any work for freelance writers. It can be frustrating because they are not always hiring but send them a good sample anyway. With some patience you will be able to get the right job eventually.