How To Find The Best Job Opportunities In Freelance Writing: Basic Tips

When you are first beginning your career in freelance writing it can be difficult to know where to look in order to find opportunities. When you do a quick search on your computer, literally thousands of results are going to pop up. How do you know which ones are reliable? How do you know if they are any good? Will these people actually pay you for the work that you submit to them?

There are pages full of questions that new writers may want to ask about the business. Likely the most common one that they all focus on, however, is how to find the best opportunities - the ones that pay well and offer consistent work. Here are some vital tips that you need to know in order to avoid being taken advantage of:

Too good to be true?

Usually, if something appears too good to be true, it really is. This is an old saying, but one which will serve you well in any area of your life. For example, if you get a job offer by email that you don't remember applying for, question where it is coming from. How did your name come to be known to the employer? Make sure you ask questions until you are satisfied with the answers you get and make a decision from there.

Writer's forums

Check in with as many writer's forums as you possibly can. Writers are very quick to spread the word about who is horrible to work for, who is slow to pay, and also where the good jobs can be found. Most of these forums have thousands of members so it is as if you have thousands of people doing your job hunting for you.

Online classifieds

Online classified sites can be a fantastic way to find some lucrative job postings. Not only do recruitment companies post their opportunities on them, but so do many big name companies. By checking on a regular basis you could very well have the job of a lifetime fall right into your lap.

Freelance sites

Sites that are dedicated to freelance opportunities give you thousands of employers to choose from. There are all kinds of employment available on these sites, from one-shot deals to full-time work. The other bonus is that most of these sites use escrow for the payment, so you will not have to worry about being paid at the end of the task.