In Search Of A Good Freelance Medical Writing Job

Freelance medical writing can be a reliable source of income, since articles on health and medication are in demand nowadays. However, the competition is often high in the field. To get a good freelance medical writing job you need to know several things.

First, to have a shot in the industry it’s always good to have solid background knowledge. Your articles will be read, and applied, by many people all over the world; so be careful, and support your argument with a lot of evidence. If you don’t have a pharmaceutical education, it can be a good idea to attend some courses before starting to look for such a job.

Second, to get your search started you will need to focus on specific areas of medical science and business. Pick your specialization and stick to it. It will be easier for the employer to find you, since many of them look for well-written articles on very narrow topics.

Finally, it will be easier for you to find a good freelance job online if you know how to search properly. Learn some of the specific vocabulary of your field and use it in a search engine, instead of general terms, such as “medical writing” and so on.

Now that you have read all about how to get a good freelance medical writing job, find out the places you can check for a position that will interest you:

  1. Your local network:
  2. Friends and previous employers are a great resource that you can use to get a great project. Remember, that people trust someone else’s opinion more than your own credentials. So, make sure you have good references and everyone around knows that you are ready to work. It can be a good idea to remind people about that over the time, so that your potential customers are aware of you, even if they don’t need your service at the moment.

  3. Online job market:
  4. It’s one of the most obvious places to start looking for a freelance position. All that is required of you is to have a computer, and access to the Internet 24/7. However, it’s one of the least secure places with a lot of scammers. You will need to read a company’s info carefully, and ask for some sort of a guarantee before taking the job.

  5. Pharmaceutical companies:
  6. Many enterprises are constantly looking for professional freelance authors to help them promote their product. So, if you have worked in the advertisement industry before you have a big advantage. Decide what exactly you want to write about, and start searching for local drug companies. Don’t hesitate to send your CV and writing samples, so that the employer sees your interest and motivation.