Where To Find Freelance Writing, Editing And Proofreading Jobs

If you are searching for writing, editing, and proofreading jobs, the internet is a treasure trove of great freelance writing jobs.

  • Working as a freelance writer is a very rewarding process. When you work as a freelance writer you get to choose whether you work part-time or full-time. Many people decide to work part time initially to supplement their existing income. As you gain a better foothold in the world of freelance work you can, if you so choose, decide to work full-time and replace your income rather than just supplemented. But if you already work part-time or you worry student, working as a writer part time to be one of the most rewarding jobs possible because of the flexibility that it offers in terms of effort, hours worked, and compensation.

  • The world of freelance writing is very capitalistic in nature. If you have the skills and the dedication you can work as much as you need or want. This may sound like a marketing scheme, but it really holds true for the freelance world. It is important though that you note you will have to work. Many people think that they can get-rich-quick leak or put out very little effort and in return gain a great deal of money when they start working as a writer. This is not true, especially in the beginning. It can be very challenging in the beginning. There are many people who succumb to cyber bullying when they hire freelance writers because they are on afraid of being face to face with the person they hire. There are many sexist or racist clients.

  • There are many unethical clients. And it is a struggle to get your first job especially if you have no experience. Normally when you first begin you will have to accept one or two jobs that pay below minimum wage or what you would normally charge in exchange for positive feedback. Once you secure that feedback you can begin to ask for higher amounts of money which are on par with your skill set. But the beginning jobs can be very difficult. Sometimes clients will pay an absurdly low rate in exchange for positive feedback but once the job is complete they do not provide the feedback they promised. This can be very difficult but if you persevere you will eventually find someone who is gracious and sticks to their word and with that you can secure the feedback that you need to build a strong reputation.