Recommendations On How To Find Great Freelance Writing Opportunities

Freelance writing has as a service has existed for decades. It is however in the last decade or so that it has emerged as an established career. Different companies, firms, businesses and individuals across the world are now always on the lookout for quality freelance writers who are engaged to write different type of articles, books, e-books and other reading materials intended for consumers worldwide. There are indeed millions of freelance writers from across the world. While other undertake general writing tasks, others have specialized in specific areas of writing.

Not all writing opportunities are the same. There are well paying writing opportunities and not-so-well-paying writing opportunities. Taking up writing as a career makes it necessary that you search for great writing opportunities where ‘great’ refers to two important things one of which is pay. A great writing opportunity is similar to having a stable well-paying regular job. You therefore need to look for such opportunities so long as you have the necessary expertise. The second is learning. There seriously need to engage in writing pieces that enlighten you on varied issues and topics.


There are several ways through which you can find great freelance writing opportunities:

  • Writing pools – Consider joining a writing pool to enhance your chances of securing great writing opportunities. There are many specialized online writing pools that bring different writers together. You are however not restricted to online writing pools; ask around your locality for any local writing pool that has already gained recognition. One advantage of joining a writing pool lies in the fact that you have the opportunity to network with many writers who are better placed to refer you to some great writing opportunities.
  • Author platforms – Contrary to common belief, author platforms are not a preserve of fiction and none-fiction book writers; these platforms also have room for general freelance writers. The platforms are recognized by major companies and businesses and therefore secure great writing opportunities.
  • Writing platform – Establishing own writing platform can be a sure way of securing great writing opportunities. Although it may take some time, effort and investment before you are recognized, you definitely cannot ignore the long-term benefits you are bound to receive in terms of great writing opportunities.
  • Publisher events – It pays to make it a point of attending publisher events whether they are held locally or online. Attending such events gives you the opportunity to interact with publishers and who knows; you can easily secure a great long-term writing opportunity.
  • Freelance writing sites – There are many sites that you can join for free and bid on jobs posted by clients. Although these sites are frequented by thousands of freelance writers meaning the pay can be minimal, you cannot rule out the possibility of finding a client or company that offers a great writing opportunity.

One great way to finding great writing opportunities is to market your writing. Like with establishing own writing platform, your marketing efforts will take time to pay off. You need to write authoritative and informative pieces and post the same on the most authoritative sites to be recognized.