5 Keys To Getting The Best Science Freelance Writing Jobs

Whether you are just starting out or you have been working on your own for a long time, you will likely be aware of the many opportunities that freelance writing offers. Even if you’re in a specific niche style of writing there are a number of jobs just waiting to be filed with qualified writers. Science is just one of these fields, and here are five keys to getting the best projects:

Build a Great Freelance Profile

The first step to getting the best science freelance writing jobs is to build a profile that showcases your experience and showcases the relevant work in the field. Be sure to list the kinds of assignments you are trying to work on. If you’re an expert article writer then say so; if you prefer completing reports then advertise it.

Read Science Journals

Most freelancers need to do a little extra research to stay up to date with what is going on in their field of expertise. They also benefit from keeping up with some of the latest writing trends. You don’t have to subscribe to journals, just make it a habit of visiting the library and browsing through whichever articles interest you.

Join an Online Science Community

If you’re going to want to be an expert in your field and want attract the highest paying clients, it’s a good idea to make your presence known in as many places as possible. Online science communities are great places to not only keep up with the latest news but also learn about freelancing opportunities. If you don’t chance upon a conversation discussing jobs, don’t hesitate to start a new conversation thread.

Post Your Content Online

Whenever you do land great paying jobs and you do great work, be sure to showcase your material in your portfolio. Be sure to keep it up to date with your most current completed jobs showing up first. This will help you land better science writing jobs and will let potential clients know what kind of work you are most experienced in with.

Network with Other Writers

Lastly, the best way to get the writing jobs that pay the most and help you get even more opportunities is to network with other professional writers. You may find opportunities where you can work together or can get a lead on a job that isn’t quite right for a colleague but is perfect for you.