Getting Legit Freelance Writing Jobs: Directions For Starters

Many professionals consider starting their careers as freelance writers. There are plenty of advantages of this kind of a job. However, it’s hard to get started because amateur writers often don’t know how to build a network of clients, what positons are legit, and where to look for a dream job.

On the Internet, starters can find many open positions by using a search engine. Your task is to avoid shady writing job offers that have endless descriptions, unnamed companies, poor grammar and spelling, complicated language, and unclear tasks. It’s recommended to skip jobs that offer both very low and high payment rates.

You can use the following directions in order to get a legit freelance writing job:

  • Present yourself online.
  • Since most job positions are posted on the Web, you must ensure that a potential employer can find you if needed. In other words, create a personal website, update your social media profiles, and register on websites for freelancers.

  • Think big but start small.
  • Being in the beginning of your freelance writing career, you won’t get a high-paying position. It’s important to stay realistic and apply for reasonable payment rates. You should also pay attention to the deadlines and select a work with reasonable deadlines.

  • Ask your friends and colleagues.
  • Your friends might know about positions open for amateur writers. You can also join an online community of freelancers and ask them what job portals they consider credible. They might also share a list of unreliable clients that you should avoid.

  • Contact a manger and ask about a contract.
  • Keep in mind that there should be a contract that is clear and understandable written agreement between you and a company. You shouldn’t agree to work before you and your employer sing the contract.

  • Develop your own contract.
  • Many small businesses don’t have ready contracts, so it’s a good idea to create your freelance writing services contract. Consult a lawyer if you need to. So, you’ll be able to offer to sign your own contract.

  • Build strong relationship with your clients.
  • The best client is a returning client. If your former clients are satisfied with the quality of your work, it’s likely that they will order your services again. Therefore, you should meet the requirements and deliver the work on time.

  • Demonstrate your accomplishments.
  • For a freelance writer, it’s necessary to demonstrate sample works. You can upload sample content on your website, add links to completed projects, and select several documents that you’ll send upon request.