In Search Of Good Jobs For Freelance Writers: Step-By-Step Instructions

If you are studying at college, then chances are that you will be in the market for a part time job. The problem is finding one that not only fits around your lectures and studies but also your hectic social life as well. Of course, there are many conventional routes that you can take. Bartending and waiting tables springs immediately to mind. However, if you are looking for something with a greater deal of flexibility and a lot higher earning potential then freelance writing might be just up your alley.

So how do you go about breaking into the world of freelance writing? Simply follow my step-by-step instructions:

Be prepared to start at the bottom

Regardless of whether you have a college education or not, and no matter how many fancy letters you have after your name the world of freelance writing is incredibly competitive. You are entering a global marketplace, and while the opportunities are endless, there are also millions of other people out there worldwide with the same idea. Starting at the bottom is the best way to get a foothold on the ladder to success.

Prepare some brief sample articles

Unlike a conventional resume or c.v. the work that you have already completed is your gateway to further work. Like everything in life, the key is to be prepared. Even if you have never written a single blog post, or article in your life then I would recommend writing three or four on generic but popular issues just so that you can demonstrate an ability to write in clear English.

Decide who you want to work for

I would suggest registering with one of the major freelance sites if you are first starting out. Thousands of jobs are posted on these sites are a daily basis, and they are the easiest way of securing that initial project. There are pro’s and con’s to each of the sites and over time you will most likely find one that you prefer over the others and stick with it.

Set up your profile

Don’t presume that this is just going to be a five minute job and rush it. Take some time to properly set up your profile as it is the gateway to your new career. Don’t attempt to be anything that you not. Do not make claims that you cannot substantiate. Just tell it how it is. This is where having some samples that you can use as a portfolio will pay dividends.

Start bidding for work

Yes, you will have to bid for work. Which means that you will be up against people who do this day in and day out. Don’t be afraid. Jump in head first, and fight your corner. Make sure that your bid is realistically priced to give yourself a chance of getting the project. A lot of new freelancers deliberately set their prices very low in order to get those all-important first jobs.